Life Takes Over (I’m baaaaaack!)

So, as I could have (should have), predicted, my blog sat idle while adjusting to a new life took over. Since I last wrote, my husband joined me in Texas, I started a job, quit said job, caught my first fish, went hunting for the first time, finished furnishing a lot of our new home (for now), dyed my hair a different color, took a 2 week belated honeymoon in Poland, started another job, visited my family in Chicago, bought a car to restore, made friends and lost friends, hit motivation rock bottom and mountain peak high, ate a magnificent array of barbequed meats, and now I’m here. 

Wow, it sounds a lot more eventful when I write it all down. Truth is, I’ve been in a funk. Most of the chapters of my life started with a bang and ended with a blaze of glory. This new chapter has been a little bit of a struggle. Starting a new life, in a new place, with two new careers to consider (mine and my husband’s), and a new mortgage, has been… well, difficult. Making friends in your mid twenties, in a new place, is a an endeavor. Add in the fact that you are married, but have no children, and shitty work hours, it is damn near impossible to find people that you can actually form a bond with, AND manage to see on a regular basis. It’s easy to feel lonely in the suburbs, with no one to talk to but your spouse, who you rarely see, due to both of you working your asses off for a buck.

Don’t get me wrong. I complain here because I can. What I haven’t mentioned is the extreme joy of not having to count the days till my husband comes home from a work trip. Or how I’m glad to be free of the pitfalls of living in a tiny apartment in one of the worst smelling cities I’ve ever encountered, and how good it is to breathe fresh air instead. I haven’t mentioned the joy of cleaning my granite countertops lovingly, and feeling proud of owning my home. I haven’t talked about the fact that visiting my folks in Illinois took a 2.5 hour plane trip, rather than a 14 hour trip. I haven’t talked about the fact that Texas stretches out into the horizon, waiting to be explored. That I’ve discovered new hobbies. That, for the first time in years, I have a job that doesn’t stress me out, regardless of the fact that I don’t want to pursue a career in the field. That there are new restaurants to explore, and to fall in love with. That I can watch football at a normal hour. That I have a garage, and a driveway, and that it is not a parking issue with four cars. I haven’t mentioned the how godly the barbeque is out here, and how BBQ ribs are a size that is nothing short of astounding, and that the cost of living makes a person smile daily. So, please, don’t mistake my bitching for self pity, or a plea for sympathy. Life is good, and I am damn thankful for where I’m at in life. 

But sometimes it is nice to vent. 

Either way, I pledge to start updating this blog more often. As my readers (or those who were my readers, before I dropped off the face of the planet for months), know, this blog is a hodge podge of experiences. Like the title would lead one to believe, it is a mix of home inspired blogs (I plan to write about the upgrades we’ve done to our home, as well as some recipes, and possibly a few posts about the 1970 Karmann Ghia), as well as the “messing around” aspect everyone needs in their lives- restaurants, new experiences, random observations, etc.

To those of you still around, thanks for reading, and I’m sorry for the delays!