They say it doesn’t rain much in Texas…

by Homeward Bound and Messing Around

…but it sure pours when I’m here! Every time I mosey on down to this state, the skies open up like they are crying at the end of the Titanic Special Edition DVD. Right when Leo dies. Even though Rose could have made room on that slab of wood, that bitch.

Today was beautiful and sunny. Now, a little after midnight, the sky is lighting up like the fourth of July with lightning, and the thunder makes my house shudder. It’s all terribly romantic. No sarcasm. If my husband were in the state, I would enjoy the shit out of a stormy night. As it stands, it’s Cinco de Mayo, I have not left my house once today, and I am feeling myself getting older. 

As I type this, my power has shut off for over 5 seconds. Multiple times. Unacceptable! I wonder about my own dependence on technology to keep me sane. A decade ago, a power outage might not have been such an awful experience. Today, alone, I panicked over the prospect of losing internet service and the ability to charge my phone. What would I do? How would I get contact with the outside world? Would I have to resort to going to sleep at 1am with no Hulu Plus tv streaming to lull me to bed? 

Perhaps I would just have to read my Kindle until it died, followed by a good, old-fashioned book. Either way. Here’s hoping I survive the storm 🙂