A New License (Plate) on Life

by Homeward Bound and Messing Around

Well, after a couple years of planning, back-breaking moving, and mountains of paperwork, I’m definitely in Texas now. 

After spending hours at the Taxation Office to register my car (with a short break to get a margarita, of course), I am now staring at my brand new Lone Star State license plates. One would think that a week in the state, months of blathering on about the move, and all the good Texan food I’ve had, the realization would have hit me sooner- I’m really here. And I have a mortgage. And, for fuck’s sake, Texas license plates. I think this is particularly jarring to me in it’s permanence. While living in Hawaii for four years, I never once changed my driver’s license to a Hawaii ID. For the entire four years, I had the safety blanket of “just passing through”. 

Now, confronted with putting Texas plates on the car that I first drove at 16 back and forth from high school in Illinois, I feel the change weighing on me. I’m excited, of course. But I’m also staring at a future that somehow seems to entirely hinge on a few screws being replaced. I think of everything that has happened in the past few years, and think about how quickly it all went by. I think about that license plate holder I’ll need to unscrew, the flames that were once brightly colored (and seemed SO COOL as a kid) faded and worn off by the years. 

Most of all, I think about how that kid I was, putting on those flamed licensed plate holders, would view the me that is typing this blog. I know for a fact that she’d be surprised. 24? Married? IN TEXAS? I’ll have a mortgage before I’m 25? However, looking back, I know that the kid I was would have been proud as well. So many experiences, so many good times to live through. Fantastic friends along the way, great memories to share. And I know for a fact that 8 years ago, I would have never expected to marry such an amazing, handsome man.

But I digress. As I foolishly put off changing my plates till the morning (one more night won’t hurt, right?) I also know that I will wake up to a new chapter, a new adventure. This is it. And truly, I couldn’t be happier to realize that my hard work has culminated in a beautiful marriage, an amazing home, and a place I can’t wait to explore. I am also once again on the same land mass as the majority of the incredible friends I’ve made- I can’t wait to visit and have visitors. You don’t realize how isolated you are on an island until you escape.

Onward, and upward!