Homeward Bound and Messing Around

Month: May, 2012

They say it doesn’t rain much in Texas…

…but it sure pours when I’m here! Every time I mosey on down to this state, the skies open up like they are crying at the end of the Titanic Special Edition DVD. Right when Leo dies. Even though Rose could have made room on that slab of wood, that bitch.

Today was beautiful and sunny. Now, a little after midnight, the sky is lighting up like the fourth of July with lightning, and the thunder makes my house shudder. It’s all terribly romantic. No sarcasm. If my husband were in the state, I would enjoy the shit out of a stormy night. As it stands, it’s Cinco de Mayo, I have not left my house once today, and I am feeling myself getting older. 

As I type this, my power has shut off for over 5 seconds. Multiple times. Unacceptable! I wonder about my own dependence on technology to keep me sane. A decade ago, a power outage might not have been such an awful experience. Today, alone, I panicked over the prospect of losing internet service and the ability to charge my phone. What would I do? How would I get contact with the outside world? Would I have to resort to going to sleep at 1am with no Hulu Plus tv streaming to lull me to bed? 

Perhaps I would just have to read my Kindle until it died, followed by a good, old-fashioned book. Either way. Here’s hoping I survive the storm 🙂


Hanover’s Draft House- First Impressions

Anyone that knows me well would tell you that I am a bit of a bar dweller. I love a good bar. I love the comraderie that comes along with having a beer with a stranger, I love a pool table stashed in the corner of a crowded watering hole, I love the atmosphere that comes with a place where people generally go to relax and let their hair down. 

Today, fresh off an (absurdly sketchy) interview, I decided it was time to meet some people in my area. I had heard a lot about Hanover’s, so I moseyed on down. 

At first glance, it was everything I generally seek in a bar. A large selection of beers on tap, friendly clientele, a stage that undoubtedly lights up with talent on the weekends. It took me but a few moments to become deeply entrenched in some conversation with a few locals. After some great talks and a game of pool, I am back home and excited to have potentially found my “go-to” bar. I will definitely review this place again after a weekend night- for now, I am excited and happy to have finally gotten out of the house and experienced a bit of the Pflugerville social scene- I like what I see.

Living Room Decor

Well, the lovely friends that I showed this blog to suggested some photos, so here y’all go! I’ll certainly be posting more photos of better quality once I unpack my DSLR, but for now I have a couple teasers from my phone 🙂 

So far our house is a bit underfurnished (and will be for a while!) but I thought I’d snap some pictures of a couple homey touches in my living room (probably the only room in the house that makes it look inhabited).



A grand total of $15.00 from IKEA! I felt like a vase and some candles would act a little color and make the place look a little less stark.


Annnnnd while I was at it I couldn’t resist grabbing a few of these .99 cent red candle holders.


An awfully lit shot of my living room- I need that SLR!



My new patio!

I do believe I will be spending a lot of time out here 🙂

A New License (Plate) on Life

Well, after a couple years of planning, back-breaking moving, and mountains of paperwork, I’m definitely in Texas now. 

After spending hours at the Taxation Office to register my car (with a short break to get a margarita, of course), I am now staring at my brand new Lone Star State license plates. One would think that a week in the state, months of blathering on about the move, and all the good Texan food I’ve had, the realization would have hit me sooner- I’m really here. And I have a mortgage. And, for fuck’s sake, Texas license plates. I think this is particularly jarring to me in it’s permanence. While living in Hawaii for four years, I never once changed my driver’s license to a Hawaii ID. For the entire four years, I had the safety blanket of “just passing through”. 

Now, confronted with putting Texas plates on the car that I first drove at 16 back and forth from high school in Illinois, I feel the change weighing on me. I’m excited, of course. But I’m also staring at a future that somehow seems to entirely hinge on a few screws being replaced. I think of everything that has happened in the past few years, and think about how quickly it all went by. I think about that license plate holder I’ll need to unscrew, the flames that were once brightly colored (and seemed SO COOL as a kid) faded and worn off by the years. 

Most of all, I think about how that kid I was, putting on those flamed licensed plate holders, would view the me that is typing this blog. I know for a fact that she’d be surprised. 24? Married? IN TEXAS? I’ll have a mortgage before I’m 25? However, looking back, I know that the kid I was would have been proud as well. So many experiences, so many good times to live through. Fantastic friends along the way, great memories to share. And I know for a fact that 8 years ago, I would have never expected to marry such an amazing, handsome man.

But I digress. As I foolishly put off changing my plates till the morning (one more night won’t hurt, right?) I also know that I will wake up to a new chapter, a new adventure. This is it. And truly, I couldn’t be happier to realize that my hard work has culminated in a beautiful marriage, an amazing home, and a place I can’t wait to explore. I am also once again on the same land mass as the majority of the incredible friends I’ve made- I can’t wait to visit and have visitors. You don’t realize how isolated you are on an island until you escape.

Onward, and upward!