On the Road Again

by Homeward Bound and Messing Around

Another couple hours and I will be on the road to my new home. I feel excited and apprehensive, giddy and nervous. For the second time in my life, I am moving to a state far from where I’m lived before, knowing essentially no one at my destination. While it is nerve-wracking, I think I thrive on drastic new beginnings. This time, it is my new beginning as a married woman and a home owner. I’m also really hoping I will be able to revamp my career in Texas, given their great economy and endless possibilities.

I am truly trying to come in to this new move with the same open mindedness I gave my move to Hawaii when I was twenty. While, this time, I have a mortgage to pay and a little more responsibility, I think I also have a lot more drive and so many ideas on what I want out of this new chapter.

Let’s get this show on the road 🙂