Last Nostalgic Post, I Promise.

by Homeward Bound and Messing Around

I have been posting a lot about my current feeling of limbo, between an entirely new adventure and step in my life, while visiting the area in which I grew up. Last time, I promise.

I’ve been thinking greatly about the friendships I have cultivated here, and maintained throughout the past half a decade of being away. It is strange which people stick with you. Some of the friends I had out here that I thought I would be close with forever have faded out of my life, for various reasons. Some people that I saw sporadically throughout highschool, and never became close with, are the people that I might contact while in Illinois, and thoroughly enjoy their company.

I suppose, having been a sociology major, that I am generally inclined to be interested in the paths people choose, and how those paths correlate to society as a whole. While visiting, I have seen friends that completely fulfilled every prediction I had for them, as well as friends that exceeded all expectations. It is wonderful seeing that people that I knew for most of of my life doing well for themselves. I wouldn’t even know how to describe the feeling- pride? Perhaps.

I am just overwhelmed with how much happiness it brings me to realize that, despite some broken friendships, I still have so many great people in my life. People that have known me before I became the person I am. People who have seen me at my worst, and still kept in touch. It is such a treat to see friends that I have known for ages, and revel in each other’s successes, discuss each other’s hard times. While I have forged some of the best friendships of my life while in Hawaii, being able to relate to people I have known since adolescence holds an enormous place in my heart. I am lucky enough to say that some of my friends from ten years ago are still the people that I truly care about, wonder about, and wish the best for. I wonder if they feel the same, sometimes. While many of my good friends have stayed in our hometown, they have obviously changed and evolved as the years passed, as have I. The life changes we have experienced have brought some of us together, and driven some of us apart. I have felt so lucky in the past few weeks to share some moments with people that I rarely get to see, and catch up on our lives. It is a true blessing to have that opportunity.