Goodness, I am aging.

by Homeward Bound and Messing Around

Having not had cable for approximately 4 years (mostly due to frugality, not snobbery), being at my parent’s home for a couple weeks has been a treat. Yet it is an interesting feeling to sit on the couch I used to watch MTV from, absurdly engrossed in House Hunters. It is a weird juxtaposition of my childhood surroundings and the interests that I did not understood while I was growing up.

I think I first became acutely aware of growing up when I asked for a Kitchen Aid mixer as a present. I remember being a child, helping my dad pick out Christmas presents for my mom- I swore to myself that I would never become “boring” enough to want household goods as presents. Yet, at this moment in time, I could not ask for a better gift than a $25 gift card to Home Depot. Or some plates. Seriously.

But I think that, in some ways, it is the beauty of life. Each phase brings a new adventure, a new priority, a new mindset. The person I was when I left Illinois is so far removed from the person I am now. I feel that every experience we have helps us grow, learn, improve.

Well, I’ll drink a shot of tequila to being an old fart. It seems appropriate.