“The things you own, end up owning you.”

by Homeward Bound and Messing Around

I have always loved that quote from Fight Club, yet, I have to admit, I do love the feeling of a great purchase. Thus, I don’t believe I’ve felt the full weight of that sentiment- until now.

As I’ve mentioned, I am currently visiting my childhood home for a couple weeks before heading down to my new house. Up until this point, I have been very adamant, to my husband’s (obviously all-knowing), disbelief, that I would not have too many things to bring down from home.

Lies. I have so much STUFF. And not only am I realizing how much money I’ve spend on things that I entirely forgot about owning over the past four years, I’m dealing with the idea that I will actually have to spend more money to transport it. Fabulous.

At the same time, the memories have been rampant and almost dizzying. So many things representing so many past events and experiences. And a reminder of how important certain things can seem at the time- I found a folder of over a hundred professional prom photos. Over a hundred! With exactly 2 of the photos cut out of sheet. While my prom date and I still keep in touch, I can’t help but think about the fact that, at one point, I could not be satisfied with a mere twenty copies of our portrait. Goodness.

I guess this post is somewhat disjointed and scattered- but I suppose those two words are easily the best description of my boxes of memories, which I plan to drag all the way down from Illinois to Texas. Little snippets of a life eagerly lived, traveling from the home I grew up in, to the home I plan to live my next chapter in. In some ways, the things I own have ended up owning me- but I love that most of them are things that are full of memories of who I used to be, how I came to be where I am, and lessons for who I want to be. And what could a person want more than to be owned by their own past, present, and future?