A Hearty Midwestern Breakfast

by Homeward Bound and Messing Around

As anyone who has ever asked me to join them for breakfast knows, I am not a fan of breakfast foods. Give me some baby back ribs or a cheeseburger over eggs or pancakes any day. That being the case, I absolutely hate going out for breakfast, and spending money on something I don’t even eat at home.

There is, however, one exception- Wildberry restaurant in Libertyville, IL. Whenever I manage to get back to my hometown (which isn’t often), it is the one place on my list that is non-negotiable. What keeps me coming back? Corned beef hash skillets. It may sound simple, but in my four years living in Hawaii, I did not find a single place that would serve me a delicious, hearty, cheese drenched, crispy potato filled skillet.

So today, with my mom and my best friend in tow, I made the journey up to Wildberry. Wildberry is always packed, with a significant wait, but it is no wonder why. The exterior is reminiscent of a cozy Italian villa, and the smell of pancakes beckons slyly before you even cross the threshold. Their menu is extensive- where you want crepes, belgium waffles, omelets, or a skillet, you will not be disappointed. They are also very accommodating about making substitutions and adding on ingredients- I always ask for avocado on my skillet.

Since my husband and I have been considering opening a restaurant in the future, I have been on the look out for what makes a great dining experience, and Wildberry is certainly a good example. Great ambiance, excellent food, large portions, and cute decor- what more could a person ask for on a Saturday morning?