Homeward Bound and Messing Around

Month: April, 2012

Finally Home!

After a 20 hour drive to Texas with my dad, followed by 5 days of hard work, I am alone in my new house. The past week has been a flurry of unpacking, furniture shopping, and countless other errands. Today I plan to take it easy, organize, and perhaps put together a couple more Ikea nightstands. 

So far, I’m loving the vibe out here. While the area is suburban, there seem to be countless things to do, a myriad of privately owned restaurants to try out, and even a movie theater down the road that microbrews their own beer. The speed limits are unreal (80 miles per hour!) and the food I’ve had here so far is impressive. I will definitely be posting some reviews of the places I’ve tried in the coming days!


On the Road Again

Another couple hours and I will be on the road to my new home. I feel excited and apprehensive, giddy and nervous. For the second time in my life, I am moving to a state far from where I’m lived before, knowing essentially no one at my destination. While it is nerve-wracking, I think I thrive on drastic new beginnings. This time, it is my new beginning as a married woman and a home owner. I’m also really hoping I will be able to revamp my career in Texas, given their great economy and endless possibilities.

I am truly trying to come in to this new move with the same open mindedness I gave my move to Hawaii when I was twenty. While, this time, I have a mortgage to pay and a little more responsibility, I think I also have a lot more drive and so many ideas on what I want out of this new chapter.

Let’s get this show on the road 🙂

Moving Pains

I don’t know how I manage to do this every time, but each time I move, I am caught off guard. When you wait to do something for a what seems like ages, you would assume that you would have everything packed and ready to go. Yet, every single time, I am packing and hurrying up until the last moment, not quite believing that it snuck up on me so quickly yet again.

In less than 48 hours, I will be on the road en route to my new house, and I have still so much left to do. It is astounding how much it takes to relocate. I thought that packing up in Hawaii would be the worst of it, but I did not account for the fact that there were several VERY able bodied men packing up my mountains of stuff for me. I am fortunate out here as well, as my dad is helping me out greatly, but I am overwhelmed by the amount of crap I managed to completely forget I owned.

Enough procrastinating, I am off for another battle with packing tape 🙂

Last Nostalgic Post, I Promise.

I have been posting a lot about my current feeling of limbo, between an entirely new adventure and step in my life, while visiting the area in which I grew up. Last time, I promise.

I’ve been thinking greatly about the friendships I have cultivated here, and maintained throughout the past half a decade of being away. It is strange which people stick with you. Some of the friends I had out here that I thought I would be close with forever have faded out of my life, for various reasons. Some people that I saw sporadically throughout highschool, and never became close with, are the people that I might contact while in Illinois, and thoroughly enjoy their company.

I suppose, having been a sociology major, that I am generally inclined to be interested in the paths people choose, and how those paths correlate to society as a whole. While visiting, I have seen friends that completely fulfilled every prediction I had for them, as well as friends that exceeded all expectations. It is wonderful seeing that people that I knew for most of of my life doing well for themselves. I wouldn’t even know how to describe the feeling- pride? Perhaps.

I am just overwhelmed with how much happiness it brings me to realize that, despite some broken friendships, I still have so many great people in my life. People that have known me before I became the person I am. People who have seen me at my worst, and still kept in touch. It is such a treat to see friends that I have known for ages, and revel in each other’s successes, discuss each other’s hard times. While I have forged some of the best friendships of my life while in Hawaii, being able to relate to people I have known since adolescence holds an enormous place in my heart. I am lucky enough to say that some of my friends from ten years ago are still the people that I truly care about, wonder about, and wish the best for. I wonder if they feel the same, sometimes. While many of my good friends have stayed in our hometown, they have obviously changed and evolved as the years passed, as have I. The life changes we have experienced have brought some of us together, and driven some of us apart. I have felt so lucky in the past few weeks to share some moments with people that I rarely get to see, and catch up on our lives. It is a true blessing to have that opportunity.

Goodness, I am aging.

Having not had cable for approximately 4 years (mostly due to frugality, not snobbery), being at my parent’s home for a couple weeks has been a treat. Yet it is an interesting feeling to sit on the couch I used to watch MTV from, absurdly engrossed in House Hunters. It is a weird juxtaposition of my childhood surroundings and the interests that I did not understood while I was growing up.

I think I first became acutely aware of growing up when I asked for a Kitchen Aid mixer as a present. I remember being a child, helping my dad pick out Christmas presents for my mom- I swore to myself that I would never become “boring” enough to want household goods as presents. Yet, at this moment in time, I could not ask for a better gift than a $25 gift card to Home Depot. Or some plates. Seriously.

But I think that, in some ways, it is the beauty of life. Each phase brings a new adventure, a new priority, a new mindset. The person I was when I left Illinois is so far removed from the person I am now. I feel that every experience we have helps us grow, learn, improve.

Well, I’ll drink a shot of tequila to being an old fart. It seems appropriate.

“The things you own, end up owning you.”

I have always loved that quote from Fight Club, yet, I have to admit, I do love the feeling of a great purchase. Thus, I don’t believe I’ve felt the full weight of that sentiment- until now.

As I’ve mentioned, I am currently visiting my childhood home for a couple weeks before heading down to my new house. Up until this point, I have been very adamant, to my husband’s (obviously all-knowing), disbelief, that I would not have too many things to bring down from home.

Lies. I have so much STUFF. And not only am I realizing how much money I’ve spend on things that I entirely forgot about owning over the past four years, I’m dealing with the idea that I will actually have to spend more money to transport it. Fabulous.

At the same time, the memories have been rampant and almost dizzying. So many things representing so many past events and experiences. And a reminder of how important certain things can seem at the time- I found a folder of over a hundred professional prom photos. Over a hundred! With exactly 2 of the photos cut out of sheet. While my prom date and I still keep in touch, I can’t help but think about the fact that, at one point, I could not be satisfied with a mere twenty copies of our portrait. Goodness.

I guess this post is somewhat disjointed and scattered- but I suppose those two words are easily the best description of my boxes of memories, which I plan to drag all the way down from Illinois to Texas. Little snippets of a life eagerly lived, traveling from the home I grew up in, to the home I plan to live my next chapter in. In some ways, the things I own have ended up owning me- but I love that most of them are things that are full of memories of who I used to be, how I came to be where I am, and lessons for who I want to be. And what could a person want more than to be owned by their own past, present, and future?

Well I just got a reality check.

Fed Ex was delivering a box to my parents house, and I signed for it since they weren’t home. The delivery guy asked me, “No school today?”

… Yeah, I need to stop bumming around my parents house in clothes from high school.

A Hearty Midwestern Breakfast

As anyone who has ever asked me to join them for breakfast knows, I am not a fan of breakfast foods. Give me some baby back ribs or a cheeseburger over eggs or pancakes any day. That being the case, I absolutely hate going out for breakfast, and spending money on something I don’t even eat at home.

There is, however, one exception- Wildberry restaurant in Libertyville, IL. Whenever I manage to get back to my hometown (which isn’t often), it is the one place on my list that is non-negotiable. What keeps me coming back? Corned beef hash skillets. It may sound simple, but in my four years living in Hawaii, I did not find a single place that would serve me a delicious, hearty, cheese drenched, crispy potato filled skillet.

So today, with my mom and my best friend in tow, I made the journey up to Wildberry. Wildberry is always packed, with a significant wait, but it is no wonder why. The exterior is reminiscent of a cozy Italian villa, and the smell of pancakes beckons slyly before you even cross the threshold. Their menu is extensive- where you want crepes, belgium waffles, omelets, or a skillet, you will not be disappointed. They are also very accommodating about making substitutions and adding on ingredients- I always ask for avocado on my skillet.

Since my husband and I have been considering opening a restaurant in the future, I have been on the look out for what makes a great dining experience, and Wildberry is certainly a good example. Great ambiance, excellent food, large portions, and cute decor- what more could a person ask for on a Saturday morning?