When it Rains, it Pours

by Homeward Bound and Messing Around

As though bidding me adieu and good riddance, Hawaii has transformed from it’s usual sunny state into a dreary, rainy, black-out filled annoyance. Regardless, the closer my moving date becomes, the more sentimental I find myself feeling about leaving my home of the last four years. Two months ago, I couldn’t get out of here fast enough- today, I’m thinking about all the things I wish I had gotten a chance to do out here one last time.

I often think about the fact that the average human life is not long enough to accomplish everything, see everything, experience everything that a person wishes. How many lives could I imagine for myself? How many lifetimes? When I went to the library as a kid, I absolutely adored “Choose Your Own Adventure” books- partly because I felt I was not just getting one story, but multiple stories. The concept of those books was fascinating to me- the idea that if you were not completely satisfied with the ending your choices yielded, you could just thumb back a few pages and make a different choice. Real life doesn’t let you book mark a page in case you wish to do it all over again. With this in mind, I am promising myself that on this road of new beginnings, I will try to live life as fully as I can.

We are meeting with the notary today to sign our closing papers on our house in Texas. I am excited for this long process to be over, and for my husband and I to have a home that we can really call our own. I am excited for all the memories we’ll make in our new home. I’m excited for all the personal touches we can add, transforming the house into our own combined vision. What a great new adventure.