Homeward Bound and Messing Around

Month: March, 2012

It’s Getting REAL.

Less than a week left in Hawaii! We closed on our new home on Friday, and have been crossing our T’s and dotting our I’s out on this little island.

It feels surreal that this chapter is coming to an end. I think it might be one of those things that hits me later. I remember my high school graduation, watching my friends cry, feeling nothing. Three months later it hit me. I think I will miss Hawaii after I’m separated from it a bit.

I’ll be writing more soon, as my last day of work is Thursday. Let’s get this party started!


When it Rains, it Pours

As though bidding me adieu and good riddance, Hawaii has transformed from it’s usual sunny state into a dreary, rainy, black-out filled annoyance. Regardless, the closer my moving date becomes, the more sentimental I find myself feeling about leaving my home of the last four years. Two months ago, I couldn’t get out of here fast enough- today, I’m thinking about all the things I wish I had gotten a chance to do out here one last time.

I often think about the fact that the average human life is not long enough to accomplish everything, see everything, experience everything that a person wishes. How many lives could I imagine for myself? How many lifetimes? When I went to the library as a kid, I absolutely adored “Choose Your Own Adventure” books- partly because I felt I was not just getting one story, but multiple stories. The concept of those books was fascinating to me- the idea that if you were not completely satisfied with the ending your choices yielded, you could just thumb back a few pages and make a different choice. Real life doesn’t let you book mark a page in case you wish to do it all over again. With this in mind, I am promising myself that on this road of new beginnings, I will try to live life as fully as I can.

We are meeting with the notary today to sign our closing papers on our house in Texas. I am excited for this long process to be over, and for my husband and I to have a home that we can really call our own. I am excited for all the memories we’ll make in our new home. I’m excited for all the personal touches we can add, transforming the house into our own combined vision. What a great new adventure.

Here We Go.

As a young girl, I found few things more enjoyable than writing in a journal. Every day, before I went to bed, I would pull out a brightly colored pen that matched my current mood, and sit in bed writing about the adventures of the day. I truly believed that, one day, my writings would serve me as brilliant memoir of a life well-lived.

On a recent trip home, I rediscovered my journals, stashed under magazines in my dresser drawer. Hidden from prying eyes, that they may not betray my exciting and ever-important secrets. Thumbing through the pages, I found myself laughing, reminiscing, and mostly cringing. Though I would most likely die mortified, should anyone ever read the absurd ramblings of my childhood and teenage self, I found myself thinking about the joy I felt recording my daily life. I also found myself engrossed in remembering the perspective of a slightly awkward, overly self conscious, yet effervescent young woman- a young woman I barely remembered being.

It was also reminded of my first experience with blogging. When I was about fifteen years old, Xanga.com took my highschool class by storm. Everyone had a blog, and reveled in sharing their teenage angst and insights with whichever friends were interested in reading. At the time, blogging was a new concept, in it’s infancy in the midst of dial-up internet, AOL screen names, and chat rooms.

Though I have absolutely no intention of putting myself through the torture of trying to find my old Xanga, and reading through my own jumbled, adolescent thoughts, it put some wheels in motion in my mind.

Now, approximately a decade since my Xanga experience, advancements in technology and the development of online networking, has taken the concept of online journaling and turned it into a valuable tool. Countless blogs function as valuable news sources, hobby guides, recipe compilations, consumer reviews, and ways in which to connect with strangers through common interests. I have thought about starting a blog for a while, but have consistently found myself undecided on a specific topic. Thus, I have decided that I will let this blog go where it pleases.

I am currently on the cusp of a new chapter in my life. My husband and I are packing our bags soon, moving from Hawaii after four years, to purchase a home in Austin, TX. I intend to write about many things in this blog, from observations about the moving process and home projects, to reviews of new places explored. Perhaps I will share some recipes, maybe I will talk about my travels. Regardless, I think I will let this blog take on it’s own life. I strive to live my life without rules and regulations, and I will strive to face this new endeavor with a similar attitude.